Swiss mountain pass to melt away within weeks
... weeks, according to a local ski resort. The thick layer of ice that has covered a Swiss mountain pass for centuries will have melted away completely within a few weeks, according to a local ski resort. After a dry winter, the summer heatwaves hitting Europe have been catastrophic for the Alpine glaciers, which have been melting at an accelerated rate. The pass between Scex Rouge and Tsanfleuron has been iced over since the Roman era. The bare rock of the ridge between the two is beginning to emerge ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
Japanese cookery expert explains how frozen dishes can be served
... but it helps to know that there is a way of cooking. Ueda says they are helpful to everyone. Junko Ueda is a cooking expert born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1964. She is a graduate of the Tsuji Academy Technical College . She received further training in Europe after working at the school as a staff member. She has written books including Chichi to haha eno gohan bin Meals, which were delivered to fathers and mothers by Bunka Publishing Bureau . Rub 1 2 tsp salt in fillets and leave for 10 minutes....
Updated: 08/11/2022
Plastics prices in US likely to fall below pre-pandemic highs
... a slowdown in play out across the major markets, according to the chemicals industry. One of the world's largest US plastics companies and major Gulf Coast operations, LyondellBasell Industries NV said last month that moderated demand in China and Europe is likely to compress margins across most of the company's businesses in the third quarter. See also: Oil demand in petrochemicals will double by 2050, BNEF says. The deceleration in consumption is particularly inconvenient for the US plastics ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
Satellite images reveal damage to Russian air base in Crimea
... Thursday added to a growing belief that the blasts may be the result of Ukrainian attacks, suggesting Kyiv's ability to strike at a longer range that could change the course of the war. It came as Ukraine and Russia traded accusations of new strikes on Europe's largest nuclear plant, in a crisis that has sparked fears of a catastrophe. The United Nations is going to talk about the situation on Thursday. Experts and analysts were assessing another as international leaders raised the alarm about what ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
Estonian to close borders to Russian nationals with Schengen visas
... discuss a possible path to banning Russian nationals who hold Schengen visas from entering the country. Yesterday, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas urged Schengen countries to stop issuing tourist visas to Russian citizens. She said that visiting Europe is a privilege, not a human right. Her statement was echoed by Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin , who said it was not right that Russians can live a normal life, travel in Europe, be tourists, while Moscow wages an aggressive, brutal war of ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
Wildfires sweep across Europe as heatwaves lash Europe
HOSTENS, France, Wildfires resounded across parts of France, Spain and Portugal on Thursday as heatwaves baked Europe, and the head of the European Space Agency urged immediate action to fight climate change. HOSTENS , France: Wildfires resounded across parts of France, Spain and Portugal on Thursday as heatwaves baked Europe, and the head of the European Space ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
Russia says Ukraine shelling of Zaporozhye nuclear plant an act of nuclear terrorism
... Security Council to discuss Ukrainian provocations, including a series of shelling attacks on the NPP. The meeting is expected to take place on Thursday. On Monday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused Kiev of holding the whole of Europe hostage, saying government officials apparently won't hesitate to burn it for the sake of their Nazi idols. Kiev denies all allegations, claiming it was Russian troops who shelled the facility to frame Ukrainian forces. The International Atomic ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
Jefferies strategists switch up of stock strategies after inflation surprise
... meltup is coming to the corner. As investors start to notice falling U.S. gasoline prices see below, futures are pointing to more gains, but should investors not count on prices falling from here? For one thing, war continues to rage in Ukraine, fuelling Europe's energy crisis and winter is coming. Jefferies strategists say that the Fed is probably not going to declare victory over inflation. The economic team believes that there is a persistent component to inflation, which will not be resolved soon ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
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