US charges Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander with plot to kill Trump's Bolton
... controls a business empire as well as elite armed and intelligence forces that Washington accuses of a global terrorist campaign, might react to the accusations. Indirect talks between the United States and Iran took place in Vienna on Monday with European Union officials saying they had put forward a final text to resuscitate the nuclear deal that Trump abandoned in 2018. According to the criminal complaint, Poursafi asked a US resident identified as only Individual A to photograph Bolton , under the ...
Updated: 08/10/2022
Italy's far-right leader says she won't be a danger to democracy
... if her brothers of Italy party comes to power, making her Italy's first far-right premier. Meloni made comments in a message that was recorded in English, French and Spanish, and distributed Wednesday by her campaign. Meloni has railed against the European Union bureaucracy for years as infringing on national sovereignty. She blasted Wednesday as a ridiculous narrative that a center-right government - with her campaign allies League leader Matteo Salvini and former Premier Silvio Berlusconi - would jeopardize ...
Updated: 08/10/2022
Hungary to pay Russian pipeline bill
... going to hurt some European countries. Sanctioning economic activity can have unintended consequences, as a blunt weapon. Viktor Orban , Hungary's prime minister, lobbied for oil delivered by pipeline, as opposed to by tankers, to be exempted from a European Union decision to ban imports of Russian oil later this year. All three rely heavily on Russian oil to fuel their economies, but none more so than Hungary. MOL, one of the country's biggest and most profitable companies, announced in April that it would ...
Updated: 08/10/2022
Hungary’s central bank raises interest rates as inflation surges
... central bank raised interest rates by the highest of any member of the European Union. Injuries in Hungary soared at the fastest point in a generation as the country's central bank raised interest rates by the highest of any member of the European Union European Union. Compared to a year ago, Hungary saw its consumer prices increase by 13.7%, surpassing previous economic forecasts, according to Bloomberg . The country's core inflation, which measures long-term inflation without volatile commodities,...
Updated: 08/10/2022
Facebook's Meta Platforms doubles down on metaverse ambitions
... reflect its focus on the metaverse. Meta is not throwing the towel. The company is doubling down and plans to invest $10 billion on its metaverse to reflect the company's new vision. In the last year, Meta said it plans to hire 10,000 people in the European Union to build a metaverse. Zuckerberg said that the metaverse is a major investment for the company and plays a vital role in the company going forward. Meta said on Tuesday it had raised $10 billion in its first-ever bond offering to further ramp up ...
Updated: 08/10/2022
Poland says it deserves EU's post-pandemic funds
... money from the EU 's post-pandemic recovery funds because it deserves it. This is money that belongs to Poland and our society, said Lukasz Jasina , a public radio broadcaster. He said that Poland has a huge contribution to the economic success of the European Union, pays contributions and has honestly approached all matters relating to the adoption of the European Recovery Plan. Poland's access to the multi billion euro fund, which aims to help member states recover from the Pandemic, was put on hold due to ...
Updated: 08/10/2022
Lithuania quadruples helicopter patrols along Poland border amid Russian tensions
... connection was reopened in July, the situation was partially resolved, but not fully resolved. The transportation quotas set by the European Commission based on traffic have been exhausted for some goods this week, according to the governor of the region. According ... ... name to the area, was just five in 1939 when the Nazis invaded Poland and the country's government collapsed. After the Soviet Union sent troops into Poland, Warsaw called it an equally atrocious invasion. Moscow described it as a forced measure to strengthen ...
Updated: 08/10/2022
Russian oil flows to Europe resume after Hungarian firm pays transit fee
... Ukraine, which has raised concerns of shortages in Europe, which depends on Russian fuel. On Wednesday, oil prices fell after the news that the Druzhba pipeline flows would resume, and also due to expectations of a weaker demand. Hungary, Hungary and the European Union have criticised sanctions against Moscow, because they are particularly dependent on Russian energy. MOL said on Wednesday it had transferred the transit fee for the Ukrainian section of the pipeline, which provided a swift solution. Slovnaft's ...
Updated: 08/10/2022
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