South Australia sets up new family violence facility
Eight new units have been set up in an unknown location in Adelaide to help women and children escape domestic violence. Eight new units have been set up in an unknown location in Adelaide to help women and children escape domestic violence. South Australia is the first state to get new upgraded facilities, with other states set to follow suit. It is part of a $20 million federal government program to improve domestic violence services across the nation. The Salvation Army operates the Adelaide facility,...
Updated: 08/05/2022
US declares monkeypox emergency, free up funds
On July 27, 2022, people wait in line to receive the monkeypox vaccine at the Balboa Sports Center in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. On July 27, 2022, people wait in ... ... Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. ROBYN BECK AFP The United States has declared monkeypox a public health emergency, and will ... ... Control and Prevention director, who spoke alongside Bacerra. The US government has come under pressure due to its handling of the outbreak.... ... S'pore: Mass vaccination against monkeypox not recommended. Two federal officials have been appointed by President Joe Biden this ...
Updated: 08/05/2022
Food banks face inflationary pressures, but not sustainable
As 65% of food banks across the country report surging demand, Feeding America President Katie ... ... donated because of tight inventories in the food supply chain. Federal commodity food is down, and food banks are trying to buy ... ... according to the president. There are 66 billion pounds of food in the United States that go to waste every year. Fitzgerald said that we know ... ... nationwide effort to fix a problem that can be solved. Food donors, government, and others who can help raise awareness about this ...
Updated: 08/04/2022
Australia changes course on climate change
Australia is one of the most vulnerable countries to the ravages of climate change.... ... the Lower House of Parliament passing a bill that commits the government to reducing carbon emissions by 43 percent from 2005 ... ... Korea and Japan, while still falling short of commitments from the United States, the European Union and Britain. Chris Bowen, climate minister,... ... Labor challenged the long-governing conservative coalition in the federal election in May, is widely seen as long overdue and just ...
Updated: 08/04/2022
TJX to pay $13 million to settle recall claims
The Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC said that TJX Companies ... ... previously recalled consumer products for five years. A majority of the products had been recalled because of the risk of infant ... ... according to the CPSC . The CPSC , an independent agency of the United States government, has charged the company with selling, offering for ... ... March 2014 to October 2019. The agency said in a statement that federal law prohibits the sale, offer, or distribution of a consumer ...
Updated: 08/03/2022
Wikipedia users scramble to define recession page
Users who want to change the page for recession have to change The editing permissions because of a disagreement over its exact definition. Users who want to change the page for ... ... disagreement over its exact definition. Last week, the Commerce Department announced that the United States' economy shrank for a second straight quarter. Semi-protected articles can only... ... public eye in order to maintain the standards of neutrality and verifiability that govern the site. Protecting an article is a common tool they use. There are two consecutive...
Updated: 08/03/2022
US sanctions rUSsia's alleged girlfriend
... President Vladimir Putin's reputed girlfriend was sanctioned by the US Treasury Department on Tuesday as part of a series of measures targeting Russian elites in the Biden administration's ... ... executive officer, or member of the board of directors of the Russian Federation. The statement describes 39-year-old Kabaeva as having ... ... close relationship with Putin . She is a former member of the State Duma and is the current head of the National Media Group,... ... Kabaeva was previously sanctioned by the European Union and the United Kingdom. In addition to Kabaeva, the Treasury Department ...
Updated: 08/03/2022
US sanctions Russia over media ties
The Treasury said in a statement that Kabaeva is the head of the National Media Group, a pro-Kremlin group of ... ... provides a significant source of revenue to the Russian government. Washington also designated two of its subsidiaries,... ... steelmakers hit by Western sanctions on Moscow. The US State Department said on Tuesday it was imposing visa ... ... accused of being Putin enablers were also targeted. The United States will not waver in its support for the ... ... designating a financial institution owned by the Russian Federal Agency for State Property Management , Joint ...
Updated: 08/02/2022
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