A new bitcoin futures fund will boost the price of the bitcoin price
... co-founder Tom Lee wrote. We think Bitcoin demand will exceed the QQQ inflows. In Yahoo Finance Live this week Sean Farrell will appear for an interview with Fundstrat's Head of Digital Asset Strategy at 11 a.m. EST! Market research Board Chair Gary Gensler has repeated signaled his openness to an ETF using bitcoin futures as opposed to a contract on spot Bitcoin Fundstrat's thesis is particularly bullish on investor enthusiasm for a fund settled in bitcoin futures. Investors have the option of ...
Updated: 10/18/2021
ProShares to launch U.S. Bitcoin future exchange fund
... ETF in 2013. An ETF has been out of the grasp for U.S. issuers for almost a decade, with regulators citing concerns on everything from price manipulation to validating ownership of the coins held by funds The mood shifted in August when SEC head Gary Gensler reiterated he would favor funds with CME-traded Bitcoin futurities filed under a 1940 s law. That openness spurred a flood of futures-backed filings. Futures could see four bitcoin - ETFs each trading on U.S. exchanges this month, with deadlines ...
Updated: 10/15/2021
ProShares will launch its first bitcoin futures fund
... speculated. The new ETF would end a yearlong push for approval of a Bitcoin ETF that started back in 2013 and has seen scores of applications rejected by the SEC. The anticipation had been building for a Bitcoin Futures ETF after SEC Chairman Gary Gensler last year said he supported such a structure, which he says offers more investor protections than an ETF that is tied directly to physical bitcoin. Bitcoin BTCUSD has seen its price surge in anticipation of the ETF, with the value of the world ...
Updated: 10/15/2021
SEC set to approve Bitcoin exchange-traded funds
... likes of WisdomTree and VanEck. Unlike Bitcoin ETF applications that the regulator has previously rejected, the proposals by ProShares and Invesco Ltd. are based on futures contracts and were filed under mutual fund rules said SEC Chairman Gary Gensler provide significant investor protections the organization reported. Another Bitcoin like ETF has gained approval recently. The that provides investors access to companies with significant exposure to the world's largest cryptocurrencies, rather ...
Updated: 10/15/2021
First Bitcoin exchange exchange exchanges to launch next week
... cryptocurrency. All ETFs will be based on bitcoin futures contracts, rather than the spot price, with the SEC known to be concerned about a potential lack of liquidity and the risk of price manipulation on spot exchanges. As recently as last week, Gary Gensler , SEC chair, described crypto finance as the Wild West or the old world of buyer beware that existed before securities laws were enacted adding that it is rife with fraud, scams and abuse However, Gensler has hinted that he is comfortable trading ...
Updated: 10/15/2021
The SEC just approved a Bitcoin-inspired investment fund
... he said. This is the year to start it because we can actually make qualifying investments where we can do things like this. He also noted that the company was considering an SEC buy-side Bitcoin futures ETF long before it received support from Gary Gensler . Even though this is our fifth ETF, we initially done futures angle for the ETF in January, he said. So we spent like nearly $100,000 just talking to lawyers, like if there is no law filing requirement, just talking with lawyers about a potential ...
Updated: 10/15/2021
U.S. regulators approve bitcoin exchange-traded fund
... launched in Europe . We have seen more institutional build up, especially in the past few weeks, than we have at any time since the volatility of Bitcoin prices back in April, said Noelle Acheson, head of market insights at Genesis Global Trading. Gary Gensler has previously said that the crypto market involves many tokens which are not registered securities and leaves prices vulnerable to manipulation and millions of investors open to risks.
Updated: 10/15/2021
Bitcoin hits six-month high as traders confident U.S. regulators will approve bitcoin exchange
... managers, including the VanEck bitcoin trust, ProShares , Invesco , Valkyrie and Galaxy Digital Funds have applied to launch bitcoin ETFs in the United States . In Canada and Europe, cryptocurrency ETFs were launched this year. The SEC chair Gary Gensler has previously said the Crypto market involves many tokens that could be unregistered securities and leaves prices vulnerable to manipulation and millions of investors open to risks. The Bloomberg report said that the proposals by ProShares and ...
Updated: 10/15/2021
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