Time to start spending paper banknotes
... the Post Office , but spending them won't be possible. Paper 20 and 50 notes issued by Clydesdale Bank , Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Scotland will be withdrawn on the same date. After September 30th, the paper 20 notes issued by Bank of Ireland, AIB Group , Danske Bank and Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland will be withdrawn. The paper 20 of the Bank of England featuring economist Adam Smith has been in circulation since 2007 but has been gradually replaced by the plastic version that ...
Updated: 06/23/2022
Elderly couple found dead at home may not have been unnoticed for 18 months
An elderly couple found dead at their home in Ireland may have gone unnoticed for 18 months. Pompey bodies of the English husband and wife, named locally as Nicholas Smith, 81, and his wife, Hilary Smith, 79, and her wife, Wilary Smith was found in a Co Tipperary bungalow on Monday. An elderly ...
Updated: 06/22/2022
US warns Boris Johnson’s move to axe NI protocol a matter of concern
The US government has warned that Boris Johnson's move to unilaterally axe some of the Northern Ireland Brexit arrangements protocol is a matter of concern and is not conducive to a trade deal. The US government has warned that Boris Johnson 's move to unilaterally axe some of the Northern Ireland Brexit arrangements protocol is a matter of ...
Updated: 06/22/2022
Irish police probe death of British couple
Police in Ireland are investigating the cause of death of two British pensioners whose bodies lay undiscovered in their rural bungalow for an estimated 18 months until they were found this week. Police in Ireland are investigating the cause of death of two British ...
Updated: 06/22/2022
Canada's Gross Debt Position Washes Despite COVID-19
... the Fraser Institute . Canada ranked 21st out of 33 countries, with a negative 0.3 per cent GDP growth inflation-adjusted in 2020 and 2021. Nearly two-thirds of our peer group -- including the United States and Australia -- fared better than Canada. Ireland, which reduced its gross debt-to- GDP ratio between 2019 and 2021, led the 33 countries in inflation-adjusted GDP growth. Canada was behind in key economic indicators despite the fact that it had a leading in debt accumulation. Higher debt means ...
Updated: 06/21/2022
A century on, Sir Henry Wilson, murdered by IRA
... Wilson's controversial career and the mystery of who ordered the assassination. Lord Lexden , a Conservative peer and historian, wrote in the House, Parliament's in-house magazine, now at long last he is to be properly honoured. Wilson believed that Ireland should remain in the UK, despite the Anglo-Irish gentry in County Longford. After serving as a senior staff officer during the first world war, he lobbied the British government to crack down on Irish rebels who waged a guerrilla war for Irish ...
Updated: 06/21/2022
Belfast prisoners end hunger strike in exchange for political status
.... A special criminal court in Dublin freed Joe Cahill , 52, a former commander of the Belfast Provisionals, after finding him innocent of inciting persons to join the I.R. An illegal organization. There was a lot of shooting and bombing in Northern Ireland. Four I.R. were overpowered in Armagh , 35 miles south of Belfast. One of the suspects tried to escape, wounding one of them. The 31 hunger strikers ended their fast in Belfast as one of them, the former I.R. Billy McKee , 48, a provisional ...
Updated: 06/21/2022
US rolls out COVID-19 vaccine shots for kids aged under 5
... according to the data released by the CDC on Friday. In this file photo taken on March 25, 2021, people wait in a queue to get a swab test for COVID 19 at a walk-in portable testing center operated by the ambulance service in Dublin. PAUL FAITH AFP Ireland's health authorities said as of 8 am on Monday there were 606 COVID 19 patients in hospitals across the country, an increase of 153 people, or 33.77 percent, compared with a week ago, putting increased pressure on hospitals. Colm Henry , chief ...
Updated: 06/21/2022
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