Biden Administration officials to attend China Winter Olympics
... House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Monday that the US would treat these games as business as usual in the face of the PRC's egregious human rights abuses and atrocities in Xinjiang . The diplomatic boycott is an escalation of President Joe Biden 's criticism of China 's treatment of its Uyghur citizens in a pattern of abuses that a U.S. government has used against its citizens. Holocaust Memorial Museum November report said it was a case of genocide. Biden's boycott only applies to U.S....
Updated: 12/06/2021
New York City mandates vaccinations for private sector workers
... employees or certain sectors that run a particularly high risk, such as health care workers. New York City has a broad private sector mandate, but no state has announced it, according to the nonpartisan National Academy for State Health Policy. President Joe Biden wanted to impose a less far-reaching mandate nationwide, requiring employees of businesses with 100 or more workers to either get vaccinated or undergo regular testing. The federal courts put that on hold ahead of the Jan. 4 deadline. De Blasio ...
Updated: 12/06/2021
Ukraine says armed forces capable of fighting off Russian attack
... -- Ukraine 's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Monday that his armed forces were capable of fighting off any Russian attack, as the country marked its national army day with a display of U.S. armoured vehicles and patrol boats. U.S. President Joe Biden has pledged to support Ukraine in its standoff with Moscow and to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday to try to defuse the crisis. On Monday, Zelenskiy will be talking to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Ukraine ...
Updated: 12/06/2021
Biden to tell Putin there will be very real costs if Russia takes military action against Ukraine
Washington - President Joe Biden will tell Russian President Vladimir Putin that there will be very real costs if Russia takes military action against Ukraine when the two leaders meet on a video call on Tuesday, a senior administration official said. WASHINGTON - President ...
Updated: 12/06/2021
US vows to crack down on money laundering in homebuyers
... part of a larger anti-corruption drive linked to this week's U.S. Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo , who spoke to the Brookings Institution think tank, as well as to tighter enforcement and increased collaboration with allies. In June, President Joe Biden ordered officials to step up the fight against corruption. The U.S. national security strategy on countering corruption was released Monday. The current law allows people to form companies anonymously to conduct all cash real estate deals that hide ...
Updated: 12/06/2021
Schumer and McConnell may announce debt ceiling raise this week
... for the year-end agenda. This would leave Senate confirmations and the finalization of the BBB bill as the remaining items assuming no other crisis emerges which could play positively into the chances of BBB being finalized. BBB refers to President Joe Biden 's Build Back Better Act, a $2 trillion social-spending and climate package that Schumer hopes to pass by Christmas . Schumer promised last week that his chamber would take action on raising the federal government's borrowing limit by December ...
Updated: 12/06/2021
Gas prices likely to drop again, expert says
... The state average fell to $4.67 after prices fell by 3 cents, according to De Haan . In January, OPEC agreed to increase oil supply by 400,000 barrels per day, which De Haan said is likely to lead to even lower gas prices. Prior to that, President Biden ordered a record 50 million barrels of oil released from America s strategic reserve to try and quell rising prices at the pump. Even with OPEC 's decision, there is no plan to slow down releases from strategic reserves, according to Jen Psaki ...
Updated: 12/06/2021
Biden administration says will not send us officials to Olympics
... administration official said Monday. The decision to withhold official U.S. representation at the Olympics was made several weeks ago, but administration officials waited to make the announcement to allow time to pass after a phone call between President Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping last month to calm tense relations, according to advisers to the administration. While a boycott would keep U.S. officials from attending the games, the move wouldn't affect participation by athletes. The ...
Updated: 12/06/2021
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