Fourth natural gas leak discovered in the Baltic Sea will cause major environmental impact
... will have a short term impact on greenhouse gas emissions, but the effects on marine life should be minimal, according to experts. This is a tragedy and very perplexing. Grant Wach , professor of geoscience at Dalhousie University in Canada, told MarketWatch that the natural gas escaping will contribute to short-term greenhouse gas emissions, but this is hard to quantify unless we know the volumes in the pipeline, and gas flow should have been turned off. The Stanford University climate scientist ...
Updated: 09/29/2022
An autographed baseball card with Mark Zuckerberg sells for $105,000
... benchmark for an item related to Facebook and Meta META, founder, as it doesn't compare to the record-breaking $12.6 million that a 1952 Mantle card fetched earlier this year. Stephen Fishler , the chief executive officer of , told MarketWatch a few hours before the auction ended. Fishler pointed out the rarity of the item, which he said was the only known surviving example of the card from Zuckerberg's youth. There is nothing you can compare it to. Fishler said that he could ...
Updated: 09/28/2022
Divid dividend stocks that pass the June 29 group
Some of the S&P 500 has hit a new closing low for the year 2022, it is a good time to rerun a screen of low-volatility dividend stocks that may perform better. Now that the S&P 500 has hit a new closing low for the year 2022, it is a good time to rerun a screen of low-volatility dividend stocks that may perform better. An initial screen of the S&P 500 SPX from June 29 resulted in a list of 19 stocks that met the quality criteria set by Lewis Altfest , CEO of Altfest Personal Wealth Management...
Updated: 09/27/2022
House Dems accuse top House Dems of using 'poison pill' to ban congressional stock trading
... in a letter to colleagues last week by Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California, who is chairman of the House Administration Committee, comes in the wake of a bipartisan push to end congressional buying and selling individual stocks. In May 2022, MarketWatch's archives said it was crunch time for the push to ban Congress from trading stocks. Walter Shaub , senior ethics fellow at the Project on Government Oversight , accused Lofgren and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of including the Supreme Court ...
Updated: 09/27/2022
Oil prices rise after recession fears, analysts say
... been worried that tighter regulations by the Federal Reserve and other central banks will cause a downturn in the global economy, but they have also been wary of tight oil supplies. Michael Lynch, president of Strategic Energy Economic Research, told MarketWatch that the oil market is likely to see a mix of bargain hunting and concern about Hurricane Ian . The storm shouldn't have a major impact on Gulf oil and gas operations, but there is a possibility that it veers slightly to the west and does ...
Updated: 09/26/2022
S&P 500 ends the week down 4.6% as oil prices drop
... of the 20 stocks in the S&P 500 that fell the most for the week were in the energy sector: eight of the 20 stocks in the S&P 500 fell the most for the week. Then read Tomi Kilgore 's detailed guide to the wealth of information available for free on MarketWatch quote pages. The Ford F stock price fell by another 3.6% on Friday for a one-week slump of 16.5%, after The Wall Street Journal reported that the company had delayed delivery of some vehicles because it didn't have enough blue oval badges ...
Updated: 09/23/2022
Why higher interest rates aren't bad for stocks
... cheaper prices wrought by the bear market. The discussion is that higher interest rates are not an additional reason why the market should fall, above and beyond the other factors that affect the stock market. Mark Hulbert is a regular contributor to MarketWatch. He can be reached at mark Here is what history shows about bear markets hitting new lows from there.
Updated: 09/23/2022
Why millennials are getting prenups
... married and engaged said they signed a prenup. Waters says that younger people have a more pragmatic approach to marriage as an economic contract. There are the difficult economic circumstances in our country, especially around debt. Quentin Fottrell , MarketWatch managing editor for personal finances, said that debt is a concern for people getting married. These are all good things to know before you get married, because you're going to have to open your bank accounts and you're going to have to share ...
Updated: 09/23/2022
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