Japan shares fall as worries over China debt crisis outweighs positive sentiment
... it rose as much as 1.16% after five straight losses' sessions. The broader Topix fell to 1,972 at 0.722% to 1102. The markets fell as soon as it reached its highest level for the session. This is a typical move when selling pressure is strong, said Matsui Securities senior market analyst Tomoichiro Kubota . The market is facing a triple pain now with signs of the US economic slowdown and Chinese budget issues. The Evergrande debt crisis a continued to cast doubt on China's economic growth, while the fate ...
Updated: 10/04/2021
China's biggest property developer fears it may default
... Machinery losing 5.4% and Komatsu losing 5.5%. Investors also dumped SoftBank Group , a big investor in Alibaba and other Chinese tech firms, on fears that Beijing will continue to tighten its grip on them. Tomoichiro Kubota, senior strategist at Matsui Securities , said the damage could spread to more companies if China 's slowdown becomes more evident. It seems like Chinese authorities are clamping down on outright lavishness, which seems to have support from the Chinese public. It has some resemblance ...
Updated: 09/21/2021
Japan's stock market mixed ahead of the Olympics
... leadership poll in autumn. 'With Olympics being held and cases increasing during that period, there's the risk that the Suga government gets stuck with this image of having failed to control the pandemic, said Tomoichiro Kubota, a senior market analyst at Matsui Securities Co. in Tokyo . Some investors are sounding the alarm for what this means for scenarios which assumed an autumn rebound. The Nikkei Nikkei 225 is up just 0.5% for the year, among the worst-performing developed-market benchmarks tracked by ...
Updated: 08/04/2021
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