Singapore's NODX grows 6.4 pc in April
... chemicals. Exports to the US increased by 10 per cent in April, following the 68.1 per cent expansion in the previous month. Exports to emerging markets fell by 1.5 per cent in April, after the 28.9 per cent fall in March. The Caribbean Sea and the Middle East have caused a decline in exports to emerging markets. In April, total trade increased by 21.8 per cent on a year-on-year basis, following the 17.6 per cent increase in March. Total exports increased by 19.5 per cent, while total imports increased ...
Updated: 05/17/2022
EU food security minister says there is no risk for Ukraine
... imports of 112 billion euros. The commissioner said that some sectors will be affected by the situation as Ukraine can't export grains through its ports due to the ongoing war with Russia and the need to ensure grain exports. The Ukrainian exports to the Middle East and North Africa are affected by the disruption. There are some problems in these regions because of the lack of food and supply of wheat. This is very important to support Ukraine to continue exports to support Ukraine in alternative export corridors ...
Updated: 05/16/2022
Biden sends envoy to UAE to offer condolences
... The delegation's make-up shows Washington's desire to show its commitment to the region, senior U.S. officials say. They said Harris will emphasize the intent to deepen ties across areas from security and climate to space, energy and commerce. The Middle East had not been a priority for the Biden administration, whose primary focus had been on tackling the China challenge, and since February the U.S. foreign policy agenda had been dominated by the Ukraine conflict. After UAE frustration with the United ...
Updated: 05/16/2022
Iran's top diplomat to visit UAE today
... agreed to open a new chapter in bilateral relations. Israeli PM begins his first visit to UAE as Iran's tensions surge. United Arab Emirates strongman Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan , who was elected president on Saturday, led a realignment of the Middle East that created a new anti-Iran axis with Israel and fought a rising tide of political Islam in the region.
Updated: 05/16/2022
World leaders offer congratulations to UAE's Sheikh Mohamed
... meet Sheikh Mohamed on Sunday, with US Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken due on Monday. Due to its wealth, oil resources and strategic location, the high-level visits reflect the increased influence of the UAE in the Middle East and further afield. The guest list also included Qatar's emir, Bahrain's king and the Palestinian, German and Indonesian presidents, among more than 20 senior figures. Sheikh Mohamed , 61, has been controlling the levers of power since 2014 when ...
Updated: 05/15/2022
World leaders pay tribute to UAE's Sheikh Khalifa
... followed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson , US Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Israel's president and the king of Spain, among a long list of dignitaries. The United Arab Emirates has increased influence in the Middle East and further afield due to its wealth, oil resources and strategic location. Since 2014 MBZ has quietly run the country when sheikh Khalifa , his 73-year-old half-brother, was sidelined by a stroke. The cause of his death was not announced. Presidents ...
Updated: 05/15/2022
India’s wheat ban will reverberate global markets
... of our neighbours and food-deficit countries, but also control inflationary expectations. It said the country has adequate food stocks. The policy is frustrated with traders. The government sent trade delegations to countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East to look at the possibility of boosting wheat exports a day before the export halt was announced. Food ministry said it saw no need to control exports, and that authorities were considering the move, according to Bloomberg News . Vijay Iyengar , ...
Updated: 05/15/2022
Iran hikes prices, social media hit
... currency of Iran dropped to a low of 300,000 rials to the dollar last week. Internet disruptions have been reported across Iran as the government braced for possible unrest, according to advocacy group . Food prices went up across the Middle East due to global supply chain issues and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which both export many essentials items. Drought is also ravaging Iran's economy, along with Western sanctions over Iran's nuclear deal. Youth unemployment has also remained high ...
Updated: 05/15/2022
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