EU to ban flavored tobacco products in e-cigarettes
... several months to put a ban in place. Some public health bodies have suggested that heated tobacco products are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. According to a 2020 study by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands, heated tobacco was associated with 10 to 25 times lower exposure to a number of carcinogens, which could mean a significantly reduced relative risk compared to normal cigarettes. In 2018, a parliamentary committee in the U.K. published a ...
Updated: 06/29/2022
Great Britain could stop supplying gas to Europe in winter
... extreme shortages in the coming months, it has emerged. Great Britain plans to stop supplying gas to mainland Europe if the country is hit by extreme shortages in the coming months, it has emerged. The National Grid could cut off gas pipelines to the Netherlands and Belgium under emergency measures as Russia's invasion of Ukraine puts pressure on global energy supplies. Interconnectors shutting off the pipelines would be part of a four-step plan that would include cutting supplies to big industrial ...
Updated: 06/29/2022
Euro zone economic sentiment falls in June
... 5.1 from 4.2. The households had a more pessimistic view on the economy over the past and coming year as well as their prospects of making major purchases and savings. Sentiment slipped in the euro zone's five largest economies, most markedly in the Netherlands. Consumer inflation expectations, which reached an all-time high in March, continued to decline, falling to 42.6 in June from 45.5 in May. The selling price expectations for manufacturers fell to 50.4, down from a record high of 59.5 in April....
Updated: 06/29/2022
EU ministers clinch deals on climate change laws
... having unsuccessfully sought a bigger fund alongside Poland, Latvia and others who were concerned that the new CO 2 market could increase citizens' energy bills. READ MORE: EU ministers reach an agreement on a new carbon tax. Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands - wealthier countries that would pay more into the fund than they would get back -- had wanted it to be smaller. Ministers supported reforms to the EU 's current carbon market, which forces industry and power plants to pay when they pollute....
Updated: 06/29/2022
Armed robbers smash sledgehammer at Dutch fair
Armed robbers wearing flat caps have launched a brazen daylight raid on an international art fair in the Netherlands, smashing a jewellery case with a sledgehammer in front of terrified visitors. Armed robbers wearing flat caps have launched a brazen daylight raid on an international art fair in the Netherlands, smashing a jewellery case with a sledgehammer ...
Updated: 06/28/2022
ICLEI Action Fund launched in Europe with Google's support
... Finland Malm Sweden Rome Italy Rotterdam In Europe a 7 million EUR fund made possible by is available for projects implemented in Barcelona Spain Berlin Germany Glasgow United Kingdom Helsinki Finland Malm Sweden Rome Italy Rotterdam The Netherlands and Stockholm Sweden. The call is open to projects focused on environmental and climate action, with an emphasis on mobility, buildings, solar energy, air quality management, and climate resilience. The Fund welcomes proposals that contribute ...
Updated: 06/28/2022
Binance's French approval under fire over AML concerns
... exchange's activities in June 2021. It said that the exchange was not equipped with being effectively supervised and warned that its complex and high-risk financial products posed a significant risk to consumers. Regulators in Singapore, Japan, Italy and the Netherlands have suspended the exchange giants activities within their jurisdictions. Despite the growing restrictions in Europe and Asia, Binance has had successes in some jurisdictions. In May 2022, the exchange gained approval to function as a criptocurrency ...
Updated: 06/28/2022
Saffron leader urges Japan to sever ties with Myanmar
... Htavara sought asylum in Norway out of fear for his safety. He has been based in the country to call for support for the pro-democracy movement in Myanmar. He began raising funds for the NUG after last year s military coup and recently visited the Netherlands and South Korea for that purpose.
Updated: 06/28/2022
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