Chinese H-6 bombers fly over Miyako Strait in Japan
... and naval force coordination. The Japanese Defence Ministry said that the bombers passed over the Miyako Strait from the East China Sea into the Pacific Ocean on Thursday and then flew back via the same route. This comes days after Japan noticed an increase ... ... anti-ship cruise missiles and an H- 6 J PLA Air Force jet with electronic countermeasure pods for jamming enemy radar, according to South China Morning Post. The fact that both the PLA Navy and Air Force sent H-6 bombers simultaneously through the strait indicates ...
Updated: 06/29/2022
Hong Kong Observatory considering raising Typhoon Signal No. 1
... Sept 1, 2019 file photo, a visitor sets up his camera in the Victoria Peak area to photograph Hong Kong's skyline. JAE C. HONG AP HONG KONG - The Hong Kong Observatory said it will consider raising Typhoon Signal No. The tropical depression in the South China Sea is expected to move towards western Guangdong in the next couple of days, and is expected to move towards western Guangdong on Wednesday night. The tropical depression will come within 800 kilometers of Hong Kong later on Wednesday, according to an ...
Updated: 06/29/2022
North Korea accuses US and allies of launching ‘soul to contain regime’
... region over historical issues relating to Japan's 1910 -- 45 colonial rule of the Korean peninsula. Washington has encouraged Seoul and Tokyo to settle their differences in the face of North Korean threats and increased Chinese military activity in the South and East China Seas.
Updated: 06/29/2022
G7 leaders condemn China's market-distorting trade practices
... itself from Vladimir Putin has prompted other countries to reconsider their reliance on the Asian giant, including export giant Germany. Beijing has been worried about its military ambitions due to its increasingly strident claims over much of the South China Sea. In their closing statement after a three-day summit in the Bavarian Alps, the G 7 leaders indicated that they would try to extricate themselves from economic dependence on China. They pledged to promote diversification and resilience to economic ...
Updated: 06/28/2022
U.S. can bring Beijing to negotiation table by mining Yellow Sea and Pearl River Delta, says Navy commander
... said that the U.NS. can bring Beijing to the negotiation table by mining the Yellow Sea and Pearl River Delta in the event of a conflict between the two superpowers. ... ... conflict scenarios between the United States and an increasingly aggressive and capable China will leave the former at a disadvantage. Duenow said mines are cheap and effective... ... tit-for-tat action by laying naval mines in some waterways used by American vessels, Li told South China Morning Post. Collin Koh , a research fellow at the S Rajaratnam School...
Updated: 06/28/2022
Chinese vessels approach Japanese territorial waters
... it. After the summit ended, Chinese and Russian air forces conducted joint strategic air patrols over the East China Sea, the Sea of Japan and the Western Pacific Ocean, in what the Chinese Defense Ministry called an annual military cooperation plan. ... ... Wednesday that it had seen at least two Chinese warships and a supply ship in the Izu Islands, about 500 kilometers 310 miles south of Tokyo. One of the ships appeared to be the Lhasa, a Type 055 guided-missile destroyer and one of China's most powerful surface ships. The ministry said the group has been operating in waters near Japan since June 12.
Updated: 06/27/2022
parent company of Hong Kong's Jumbo floating restaurant won't receive insurance claim
... covered by a Protection and Indemnity Cover for Third Parties Liability'' in accordance with maritime regulations. Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises said that this insurance covers third party losses, not losses to the company. It had capsized near the South China Sea on June 19 after it encountered adverse conditions and began to take on water, according to the company. There has been scepticism over the incident involving the tourist attraction, which closed in March 2020 after almost a decade of financial woes....
Updated: 06/27/2022
Us, Japan, Australia, New Zealand to boost Pacific Island cooperation
... according to the five countries. The statement states that the United States intends to invite related foreign ministers later this year to review progress. In the broader Indo-Pacific region, China has been militarized outposts in disputed areas of the South China Sea and carried out repeated incursions into Japanese waters around the Senkakus , a group of East China Sea islets controlled by Tokyo but claimed by Beijing.
Updated: 06/25/2022
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