Chinese oil producers to delist from NYSE
... Chinese enterprises and investors. Listing and delisting are normal activities in the capital market. The announcements of the relevant enterprises have strictly adhered to the US capital market rules and regulatory requirements since their listing in the United States , and the delisting decisions were made out of considerations for their own business development, the official said. The Chinese official said that these enterprises are listed in multiple stock markets, and their shares in the US only account ...
Updated: 08/12/2022
Singaporeans more united than before pandemic
... conducted by Pew from Feb 14 to Jun 3 focused on attitudes toward the pandemic in countries across North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific. In 13 countries, more people saw their country as more divided than before the epidemic. The United States had the highest share, with 81 per cent of respondents saying they felt that way, followed by 80 per cent in the Netherlands and 78 per cent in Germany. 75 per cent of Singaporeans said their country was more united than before the pandemic. Singapore,...
Updated: 08/12/2022
WHO says monkeys not to blame for Brazilian outbreak
... fear of transmission. The World Health Organization said this week after reports of attacks on the animals in Brazil, monkeys are not to blame for the monkeypox outbreak that has triggered health alerts, including a national health emergency in the United States. Last week, at least 10 monkeys were rescued in S o Jos do Rio Preto in the Brazilian state of S o Paulo after the authorities found signs they had been attacked or poisoned, out of fear of monkeypox transmission, according to the G 1 news site ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
Senate Finance Committee widens tax probe into Amgen
... 12 percent over the past 4 years. We can confirm that Amgen received a letter from Chairman Wyden about the company's tax practices. Amgen said in a statement that they are reviewing the information requested in the letter and will respond. In the United States, Amgen generated 70% of its sales last year, but reported only 28% of its pretax income in the country, according to Wyden . The letter from Wyden focuses on Amgen 's operations in Puerto Rico. Senator Wyden asked the company to provide financial ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
Man armed with shotgun takes several people hostage in Lebanon bank
... crushing economic crisis in recent years, with nearly three-quarters of the population living in poverty, according to the United Nations . Financial institutions have imposed strict limits on withdrawals, effectively trapping the savings of millions,... ... with the Depositors Union, a group that advocates for banking consumers in Lebanon. She told the Associated Press that the state s failure to resolve the economic crisis and banks and Central Bank's actions have led to the situation where people can ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
Former Qualcomm official charged with fraud for behind microchip startup
... and the company had flagged a previous business he had tried to sell them over conflict of interest issues. Prosecutors say Arabi, Shokouhi and Taneja were arrested in California on Tuesday, Alan was arrested in Canada and awaits extradition to the United States to face charges. Messages left with attorneys for Taneja and Shokouhi weren't immediately returned. No attorneys were immediately listed in court documents for Arabi and Alan and they couldn't be reached immediately. As a result of the allegations ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
Cloud computing is the pervasive computing theme of the 21st century
... from $39 billion to $163 billion. He lost an eye in an accident in 2015, an experience he told Yahoo Finance gave him more empathy in his heart and soul and the ability to connect with people on a more human level. ServiceNow has 28 offices in the United States and its headquarters is located in Santa Clara, CA.
Updated: 08/11/2022
EU urges U.S. EV tax breaks to curb discrimination
The European Union said on Thursday it was deeply concerned about proposed tax credits for purchases of electric vehicles in the United States because they would be biased against foreign producers and could breach World Trade Organization rules. The European Union said on Thursday it was deeply concerned about proposed tax credits for purchases of electric vehicles in the United States ...
Updated: 08/11/2022
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