Child safety review to be carried out at Launceston Hospital
The Tasmanian government is going to conduct a review of child safety and management of complaints at the Launceston General Hospital. The ... ... Last Tuesday, a witness learned that he wasn't abused when he gave evidence at the state health department's health department conducted an investigation into his alleged sexual abuse... ... and leadership, including the establishment of an independent complaints management unit. The review, announced on Sunday afternoon, will be carried out before recommendations...
Updated: 07/03/2022
US announces new round of security assistance to Ukraine
... between buildings in the Ukrainian town of Borodianka in the Kyiv region on April 17, 2022. SERGEI SUPINSKY AFP WASHINGTON - The United States on Friday announced a new round of security assistance to Ukraine that included advanced anti-aircraft and aerial defense systems as well as additional ammunition for advanced rocket systems. The Department of Defense said that the new weapons came in two parts, totaling $820 million. There is a presidential drawdown authority ...
Updated: 07/02/2022
IAEA head to Australia for nuclear test
The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog will visit Australia as the agency prepares to examine ... ... in building nuclear-powered submarines, it will become the first non-nuclear weapons state to do so. Australia is a signatory to the International Atomic Energy Agency... ... launching multiple interventions to try to convince the IAEA not to approve them. The Department of Foreign Affairs Trade boosted specialized diplomatic teams in Canberra...
Updated: 07/01/2022
Former Trump administration official says U.S. is on the front-end of recession
Larry Kudlow, the former director of the National Economic Council in the Trump administration, said the United States is on the front-end of a recession. Larry Kudlow, the former director of the National Economic Council in the Trump ... ... produced across the economy, declined at a worse than expected 1.6% annual pace in the first quarter, according to the Commerce Department's final reading. The figure is slightly higher than the department's first and second readings. A recession is a contraction ...
Updated: 07/01/2022
U.S. orders 2.5 mln more doses of Bavarian Jynneos vaccine
The Department of Health and Human Services said on Friday that 2.5 million more doses of Bavarian Nordic's vaccine will be ordered for use against ... ... will be ordered for use against monkeypox outbreaks. The shot has already been cleared for both smallpox and monkeypox in the United States, where it is called Jynneos. The U.S. government is attempting to fight monkeypox by sending hundreds of thousands of ...
Updated: 07/01/2022
Kremlin presses Biden to free Russian woman
... Mr. Biden is under pressure to free Ms. Griner , who was arrested at a Moscow-area airport in February and whom the State Department classified in May as wrongfully detained. That shows concern that the Kremlin considers her leverage in the tense confrontation between the United States and Russia over Ukraine. Hundreds of groups representing people of color, women and L.G. were represented last week. The price for any deal could be Mr. Bout ,...
Updated: 07/01/2022
'We will adopt your baby' meme sparks debate
... particularly hostile online discourse around abortion. He said the nastiness is just getting started. Adoption is an alternative to abortion and has been a message of the anti-abortion movement. More than 407,000 children were in foster care in the United States by the end of fiscal year 2020, according to a November 2021 press release from the Children's Bureau at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families. Roughly 117,000 children were waiting to be adopted, according to the press release. Some people have posted adoption memes that they say that it is a way to have some control ...
Updated: 07/01/2022
WNBA star Bethany Griner faces uncertain future in Russian trial
... story, one can't be sure. Griner would have the chance to appeal if she was found guilty. Thomas Firestone , a former Justice Department official who worked as a lawyer in Moscow, said he is aware of a recent case similar to Griner 's that took about two and a half months to conclude. He said that an acquittal in Griner ... ... that President Vladimir Putin may view her as a potential bargaining chip for a high-profile Russian national detained in the United States. Experts say that Russia would want to swap Viktor Bout, an international arms dealer dubbed the Merchant of Death , who ...
Updated: 07/01/2022
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