Bitcoin price falls below $40,000 for second time this month
... it could fundamentally change the structure of the U.S. financial system, changing the roles and responsibilities of the private sector and the central bank. The report came at a time when digital money is proliferating in a variety of forms. Central banks around the world are studying government-backed digital currencies. China's central bank has already tested a digital version of the yuan. In October, the European Central Bank began exploring a digital euro and said it would last two years. According to a company ...
Updated: 01/21/2022
UK retail sales slump in December as Omicron spread
... the spread of the Omicron coronaviruses variant. Economists said the scale of the hit bolstered their expectations that the world's fifth-biggest economy shrank last month under the strain of Omicron and new government restrictions to slow its spread.... ... crisis looming, we expect a weakening in consumer recovery to dampen retail sales further ahead, she said. Beckett said that the Bank of England was likely to raise interest rates for a second time in two months in February. In the 12 months to December, ...
Updated: 01/21/2022
Surging gasoline prices a new problem for governments
... month in December, and more pain may be on the way. Consumer prices in the country are expected to grow the fastest among the world's 10 largest economies this year, according to a Bloomberg survey. China , South Korea and Japan made the bottom of the ... ... due to higher energy prices, where inflation expectations are at the highest since 2008, due to costlier gasoline. The central bank of South Korea is worried about rising prices, as inflation topped 3% for the third month in a row in December. Indonesia ...
Updated: 01/21/2022
Coronavirus | MAXHUB helps political parties prepare for virtual rallies
... effective manner, according to Avinash Johri, Executive Director, CVTE Group India and SAARC regions. COVID 19 has changed how the world functions, but that doesn't mean that the essence of things has to be lost. MAXHUB plays a role in assisting these political ... ... Indian Oil, Arunachal Pradesh Police , Defense R&D Organization, All India Institute of Medical Sciences Raebareli Karnataka Bank Ltd., etc. MAXHUB is looking forward to serving more government organizations and political parties with its disruptive solutions....
Updated: 01/21/2022
Aussie yen gains, Aussie Aussie falls as traders weigh on Fed
... 0.05% to 95.714 after touching a more than one-week high of 95.864 on Thursday. It is up 0.58% for the week, rebounding from last week's 0.61% slide. The euro rose by 0.11% to $1.13225, climbing off its weakest level since Jan. 10. European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde speaks on a panel at the World Economic Forum later in the day about the global outlook. Since January 11, the pound was close to its lowest since Jan. 11. The price of cryptocurrencies fell by as much as 6.1% to $38,250 for the first time since August, while smaller peer ether ...
Updated: 01/21/2022
Russia could face tougher sanctions if it attacks Ukraine
... imposed on Russia , possibly the most severe yet, if it attacks neighboring Ukraine . The U.S. Senate Democrats have unveiled a bill that will impose sanctions on Russian government and military officials - including President Vladimir Putin - and banking institutions if Moscow engages in hostilities against Ukraine . If Russia is using its military force to acquire land in Ukraine , that will be a serious economic response, a senior White House official said on Wednesday. Russia has gathered ...
Updated: 01/21/2022
Oil prices plunge after rising to seven-year highs
..., indicating lower demand for crude. The falling equity markets have affected crude markets as investors worry about central banks raising interest rates this year in order to combat inflation, with the Nasdaq dropping 1.3% in the U.S. and the Nikkei ... ... after Yemen 's Houthi group attacked the United Arab Emirates , OPEC 's third largest producer of oil, while Russia , the world's second largest oil producer, built up a large troop presence near Ukraine 's border, stoking fears of an invasion. However,...
Updated: 01/21/2022
LIC staff deserve good wage revision, says union
... rush through the LIC IPO without much objections from its employees, Nagarajan said. Mishra said there was heartburn in the banking industry as regards the wage settlement signed in the LIC. The AIIEA has always maintained that the wage revision of LIC ... ... claims settlement records are the best in the industry. Per capita policy servicing by LIC employees is one of the highest in the world. He said that LIC employees deserved a good wage revision and they got it. The privatisation of LIC has been delayed for ...
Updated: 01/21/2022
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