Liz Truss resisting pressure from Biden ally on n.ireland protocol
... concerted pressure from senior US politicians on the issue. Nancy Pelosi , the speaker of the House of Representatives, has warned that she could endanger any hopes of a free trade deal with America. The protocol, which was part of the divorce treaty with the European Union in the year 2019, was intended to avoid placing a customs border across the island of Ireland, instead placing it in the Irish Sea. The unionists claim that this undermines Northern Ireland's position in the UK and Downing Street is threatening ...
Updated: 05/22/2022
Fund manager turns bullish on mainland stocks
... has increased its net-long stock position to about 60% of its investments. During an upcoming relief rally, consumer discretionary shares, especially autos and suppliers, could benefit most, according to Zhao . She is keeping tabs on a proposal by the European Union to ban Russian oil to gauge inflation implications. There is a pickup in foreign inflows and leveraged trades, with the latter surging to the most this year this year, as evidenced by signs of a turning point in China stocks. There is a chance that ...
Updated: 05/22/2022
EU food security minister warns against fertilizer imports
One needs to increase food production and reduce dependence on fertilizer imports, according to Janusz Wojciechowski.Arsenal in the short term, there is no risk for the European Union's food security. One needs to increase food production and reduce dependence on fertilizer imports, according to Janusz Wojciechowski . In the short term, there is no risk for the European Union 's food security. I could say it is a very strong ...
Updated: 05/21/2022
Demand for coffee in non-producing countries shows recovery
... according to analysts from Rabobank . Coffee disappearance, a term that indicates the amount of coffee non-producing countries are actually consuming and not packing for re-export, rose 6.9% in the first quarter compared to the same period a year ago. The European Union plus United Kingdom area saw a bigger increase, at 9%, while the United States jumped 4.6% and Japan 5.1%. Rabobank said the numbers are still not great compared to pre-pandemic levels. In the first quarter, the result was only 0.6% higher than ...
Updated: 05/20/2022
Ireland’s taoiseach says ‘unacceptable’ for parties to block party
... Truss , announced plans to introduce domestic laws to override the protocol if the EU did not meet the government's demands. He said that the EU was being inflexible and intransigent. I spoke to Boris Johnson and I have to nail this idea that somehow the European Union is being inflexible on this is just not the truth, it doesn't stack up. What has happened now, is a certain unilateralism on behalf of the British government saying our way or no way and you don't negotiate with the European Union on that basis,...
Updated: 05/20/2022
Oil flat as China lifts demand
... gasoline and diesel prices at the pump hit record highs on Thursday. The bill passed by the U.S. House allows the president to issue an energy emergency declaration, making it illegal for companies to excessively increase gasoline and home fuel prices. The possibility of a European Union ban on Russian oil imports has helped support prices. The EU has proposed a new package of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine this month, which Moscow calls a special military operation. In six months, the sanctions would include ...
Updated: 05/20/2022
France sees possible Ukraine conflict spreading to neighbors
... is facing a particularly difficult humanitarian situation, he praised the country's generosity when it comes to Ukrainian refugees and pledged to work with partners to provide long-term financial support to Chisinau. Macron also expressed hope that the European Union would quickly issue an opinion on Moldova's membership application, which the country filed with Ukraine and Georgia following the launch of Russia's military operation in Ukraine. Sandu responded that joining the EU is a long process and that we ...
Updated: 05/19/2022
Polish Prime Minister says new geopolitical order being created
... new geopolitical order is being created and there will be no return to the situation before Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Morawiecki said on Monday at the opening of the 15th European Economic Congress in the southern Polish city of Katowice that the European Union cannot return to what was, and that the rules of doing business with Russia must be changed. There would be no return to the pre-war status quo, as all principles related to trade with a criminal must undergo essential change, according to Morawiecki ...
Updated: 05/19/2022
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