Cotton tells CEOs ‘best of luck’ when Dems want to regulate their industries

Cotton tells CEOs ‘best of luck’ when Dems want to regulate their industries

Sen. Tom Cotton scolded CEOs last week who expected Republicans to come to their defense when Democrats want to regulate their industries, telling them Best of luck. Cotton, R-Ark. When he was talking about the merger between Kroger and Albertsons grocery chains, he railed against companies inserting themselves in cultural issues. He likened it to tech companies that asked for GOP protection from overregulation by Democrats.

I've cautioned them for years that if they silenced conservatives and center-right voters if they discriminate against them in their company, they probably shouldn't come and ask Republican senators to carry the water for them when their Democratic friends want to regulate them or block their mergers, he said at a Nov. 29 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the proposed merger between the grocery giants.

I'm sorry that's happening to you. He said that it was best of luck.

More and more corporations have come under fire from critics for discriminating against employees and customers with conservative views.

Last week, Cotton leaned into the Kroger Chair and CEO Rodney McMullen for the company's woke policies. He noted that the company settled a lawsuit filed by two former employees in Arkansas who were fired after they refused to wear aprons supportive of the LGBTQ community.

McMullen said the heart symbol with various colors on the apron was not supportive of the LGBTQ community, despite it being introduced during Pride month.

He also mentioned a guide for employees who want to stop using sir and ma'am. Do you think 72 year-old employees in rural areas of Arkansas will stop using words like'sir' and'ma'am? Cotton asked.

McMullen said the guide is trying to be inclusive for everyone with different beliefs. The Federal Trade Commission issued a request for more information on the planned $25 billion merger on Tuesday.