Workers at GM-LG Energy plant in Ohio vote to unionize

Workers at GM-LG Energy plant in Ohio vote to unionize

Workers at a General Motors-LG Energy battery plant in northeast Ohio voted to unionize with the United Auto Workers.

According to Reuters, the factory employees at Ultium Cells LLC won 710 to 16 votes in favor of joining the union. Ultium said that it respected the decision of its workers to join the UAW and that they look forward to a positive working relationship with the UAW. The results of the election were confirmed by the National Labor Relations Board. The vote was considered an important test for unions to organize at plants transitioning to all-electric cars and trucks. Chrysler, Ford, and GM are working on developing more battery plants alongside investors from South Korea.

After a large number of the 900 workers at the Ohio plant signed a card in October asking the UAW to represent them, the petition was created by the UAW.

HAPPY DANCE' Our entire union welcomes our latest members from Ultium,'' said Ray Curry, UAW President, in a statement released on Friday morning. As the auto industry transitions to electric vehicles, new workers entering the auto sector at plants like Ultium are thinking about their value and worth. Curry said that the vote shows that they want to be part of the high standards and wages that UAW members have built in the auto industry.

The plant started full-time operations in August and is one of four planned battery factories in the U.S. by Ultium.