Springbig launches new integration with KORONA POS

Springbig launches new integration with KORONA POS

Springbig SBIG has introduced a new integration with KORONA POS, a cloud point-of-sale solution for small business to enterprises, from COMBASE, a software vendor.

KORONA POS and springbig POS integration will allow merchants to apply and award loyalty offerings directly from KORONA POS at checkout. Merchants are able to enroll in the loyalty program from either the POS or one of springbig's many enrollment tools. Marketing is segmented based on sales data, and the company s marketing platform seamlessly integrates with KORONA POS. This allows marketers to drive business and reach consumers in a personalized way.

The POS platform has a wide variety of integrations, including a streamlined inventory and data reporting, to meet the needs of business owners from a wide range of industries. The Metrc-integrated tracking and trace system helps businesses stay in compliance with KORONA POS.

Jeffrey Harris, CEO of springbig, said the platform of KORONA POS is a unique and dynamic platform that has helped a variety of businesses, from amusement parks to vape shops. Merchants and customers will be benefitted by the integration with KORONA POS. This is the place where money is raised, M&A starts, and companies meet key partners. On April 11 - 12 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel in Florida, join us at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel.