MaxTracker launches bike GPS and anti-theft device

MaxTracker launches bike GPS and anti-theft device

StartEngine is a well-known equity crowdfunding platform that has helped 37 companies go public. MaxTracker is a mobile GPS tracker and anti-theft device that raises funds on the site, which means anyone can invest for a limited time.

MaxTracker believes that all the most widely known high-end home security systems like ADT, SimpliSafe and Ring have one big blind spot: The security stops at the user's front door. Home burglaries and break-ins are a problem, but even the best home security system can't protect the homeowner's valuables outside of the home. That is where MaxTracker wants to change the game.

MaxTracker's first security device, the MaxTracker Anti-Theft GPS Bicycle Security System, an anti-theft device inside a bike's water bottle holder, had a strong debut on Indiegogo last fall. This motion sensitive 5 G LTE-enabled waterproof GPS tracker allows bicycle owners to find their bikes just about anywhere in the world if they are stolen or lost. It also features a motion alarm and a battery life between six months and a year.

It is easy to see where the MaxTracker bike GPS package might be useful to their owners and profitable for investors, considering that many modern bicycles can cost thousands of dollars. It has an 80% profit margin and because of the tracking service, every MaxTracker sold would generate ongoing revenue.

It generated over 400 preorders and hit its funding goal in a single day when the MaxTracker bike GPS debuted on Indiegogo. The founders of the company knew they might be onto something. They are currently working on two new models — the MaxTracker Ping and the MaxTracker Ping Plus — to complement their bike tracker. The new devices will be geared toward securing and tracking a wide range of items, which include:

It could be instrumental in keeping track of their loved ones and pets. Almost every parent has a nightmare of being separated from their child in a crowded place like an amusement park or sports stadium. Many elderly people are at risk of falling and getting hurt. Both MaxTracker Ping and MaxTracker Ping Plus have the potential to help prevent these scenarios.

It is not hard to see where MaxTracker has great potential for investors, considering the many use applications. It is a big part of the reason why StartEngine is such a popular platform because of the opportunity to get in early on offerings like MaxTracker and many others. At the close of trading on its initial public offering, Atlis Motors raised at 29 cents per share on StartEngine and closed at $82 per share at the close of trading on its initial public offering date.

If you are looking for high-risk, high-reward opportunities that are open to nonaccredited investors, equity crowdfunding platforms like StartEngine are a great place to start your search. If you want to invest in MaxTracker, you need to act fast because there is limited time remaining to take advantage of this offering.

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