South Korea's November childbirth falls for 84th straight month

South Korea's November childbirth falls for 84th straight month

This photo taken on May 24th, 2017 shows social workers caring for a baby at Jusarang Community Church in southern Seoul. The lowest November figure for the childbirth in South Korea was logged by the PHOTO AFP SEOUL -- South Korea, keeping a downward trend for 84 months in a row, the data showed Thursday.

The number of newborn babies was 18,982 in November, down 4.3 percent from a year ago, according to Statistics Korea. It was the lowest November reading since relevant data began to be compiled in 1981.

The number of women who are of childbearing age has decreased since December 2015, due to the continued social trend of delayed marriage.

The demographic cliff, which refers to a fall in the heads of households, eventually lead to a consumption cliff, was fueled by the low birth rate.

The number of marriages rose 2.2 percent to 17,458 in November, but the number of divorces decreased by 3.1 percent to 8,498.

The number of deaths in November was 30,107, up 6.1 percent from a year ago. The November figure was the highest among the COVID 19 pandemic and the aging population.

The country's population fell for the 37th consecutive month since November 2019 because of the record deaths and the childbirth drop.