High pressure of gold in Jezero area near Bosnia

High pressure of gold in Jezero area near Bosnia

The previous laboratory results of geological research in the area of Jezero showed high pressure of gold, according to the general director of Lykos Balkan Metals, Milos Bosnjakovic.

At three locations on the territory of Jezero, high gold contents were confirmed at the contacts of different lithological units, up to an unbelievable 27.5 grams per ton in a continuity of as much as 60 meters, which is an unusually high pressense even for world-famous gold mines, Bosnjakovic said.

Since last year, Lykos Balkan Metals, a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, has been conducting geological research in the area of Jezero, west of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH, through its daughter company SNK Metali. It initially provided 15.5 million BAM for projects in the Republika Srpska RS examination of samples in an accredited laboratory showed a very high potential for continued geological research, and this geological potential of this area is also an investment potential that is significant for the development of the municipality, as well as the improvement of economic conditions in the wider area.

Although it is an early phase of the research, it was said by Lykos that these results can be considered one of the best in the whole of BiH, as well as the Balkans. The company is projected to invest more than 60 million BAM in the Jezero municipality in the year 2023.

There will be years of detailed work on the site to get detailed information on the deposit, concentration and quantity of this ore.

The management of Lykos Balkan Metals invites the Government of the RS to be involved in the implementation of this foreign investment in order to achieve the maximum effect on the economic development of the RS, as well as BiH as a whole, according to Avaz.