Tesla likely to be exonerated of charges over fatal crash

Tesla likely to be exonerated of charges over fatal crash

Tesla Inc. TSLA is likely to be exonerated of charges over the Autopilot driver assistance system of the electric vehicle maker, which caused fatal car cash in 2021.

What happened on April 17, 2021 in Spring, Harris County, Texas. The driver was killed after damage to the front of the high-voltage lithium-ion battery case that started a fire. This resulted in the death of the driver and passenger on board.

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A National Transportation Safety Board investigation found that the crash was probably caused by the driver's excessive speed and failure to control his car due to alcohol intoxication in combination with the effects of two sedating antihistamines. The agency said that this resulted in a roadway departure, tree impact and post-crash fire.

The NTSB recommended that EV manufacturers provide information on how to extinguish fires in their emergency response guides in a standardized format and also provide vehicle-specific information.

An update to the investigation in October showed that both driver and passenger seats were occupied at the time of the crash.

Price Action: Tesla shares rose 3.18%, to $207.70, in premarket trading on Thursday, according to Benzinga Pro data.