Prosecutors say price of ammunition increased

Prosecutors say price of ammunition increased

At the trial of the former Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH Selmo Cikotic, the Prosecution's expert said that by changing the contract on the sale of weapons, contrary to the provisions, the price of the sold ammunition was increased.

Expert Berko Zecevic said in the continuation of his findings about the second contract from 2004 that the Agency for the Trade of Arms and Military Equipment of the Republika Srpska RS reached with the company Scout from Zagreb, as well as the third annex from 2010 that reduced the amount of ammunition and increased the price of goods.

Zecevic said that the original contract from 2004 planned the sale of six different types of ammunition at a price of around 840,000 dollars. He noted that the types of ammunition were not correctly marked in the contract, that the sale was based on the sold as seen principle, and that the deadline for collection was 15 days.

The delivery is still ongoing, and that was in 2004, said the expert.

He added that certain deliveries were made, and then there was a standstill and reforms in the defense sector and the formation of the Ministry of Defense at the state level, and activities were initiated to implement the contract and prepare an overview of the state and surplus in weapons.

The problem is that there are three armies, all of which have their own bookkeeping, plus the fourth bookkeeping of the Ministry of Defense, noted Zecevic, adding that the dynamics were also slowed down by the Presidency's decision.

The expert said that changes were made in the type of ammunition and its quantity was reduced, and that the total price was increased to around 1.3 million, which makes the difference compared to the original price of 480,000 dollars.

The price was increased contrary to the article of Annex Three stressed Zecevic, because of the ammunition delivered that was not the subject of the contract.

According to him, the value of the contract was increased with the explanation that the originally contracted goods were not in stock, which was not true. He said that the Minister of Defense signed four decisions on deliveries of different types of ammunition.

The indictment accuses Cikotic that he used his official position in the period 2009 to 2011 in agreement with other persons and favored the company Scout from Zagreb with the aim of obtaining benefits.

Cikotic, contrary to the Agreement on the final disposal of all rights and obligations over movable property from 2008, made and signed two decisions approving the delivery, i.e. The exchange of goods, four decisions on the delivery of ammunition, and four decisions on the delivery of ammunition are all on the table. The indictment said that he concluded four annexes to the basic contracts on the sale of unpromising weapons and ammunition in 2003 and 2004.

Zecevic will present his findings on April 4th, Detektor reports.