Apple pays some of the highest salaries in Silicon Valley


Apple Inc AAPL provides some of the highest salaries in Silicon Valley, and for good reason. Apple is usually the first to introduce a product to the market, but with the assistance of a top-paid workforce, Apple just does it better than everyone else.

From Steve Jobs to starting the stage, it all started with Steve Jobs. Jobs could create a product presentation into a story that kept audiences eagerly awaiting the next chapter. He would meticulously craft the unveiling, the same way Apple meticulously crafts its products.

Today, Apple is carrying that on. The company is focused on being the best in the areas it decides to touch, and hires some of the best talent to help make its vision a reality.

Steve Jobs Was the master of unveiling Apple products? This Was His Secret for Leaving Audiences Awestruck.

Apple doesn't make salary information public, but the tech giant is required to disclose offers in work visa applications submitted to the U.S. Office of Foreign Labor Certification, per a Business Insider report.

The salary in the pay data, which included salaries of $322,000, was offered to two software development engineers at the company. The lowest offer Apple made to a business systems analyst was just over $102,000. The salary offered by Google is typically between $55,000 and $77,000 compared to Microsoft's tier-one salary.

The following data doesn't include stock-based compensation and grants that can greatly contribute to overall pay. It also does not include individual performance rewards and bonuses.

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