5 reasons to buy a studio apartment

5 reasons to buy a studio apartment

A large room to pack in work and leisure and when a guest arrives it converts to a guest room as well! Studio apartments are compact apartment units that do not have separate bedrooms and are usually integrated kitchens, and are easy to maintain. Young professionals who work and live independently enjoy the studio lifestyle. They are also great first homes.

Here are five reasons for buying a studio apartment:

The studios are easy to maintain and a good solution for hassle-free accommodation close to work. They are mostly promoted in urban hubs like Pune, Noida, Gurugram and Noida, which are essentially employment hubs that attract young talent from all over the country. Ashwinder R Singh, CEO Residential properties Bhartiya UrbanStudio says Studios have become popular in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Gurugram and Delhi because of the technology companies operating out of these cities. The amenities offered by these apartments make them popular among young professionals. Studios are usually built as part of a commercial building with a mixed-use plan or as a section of a large apartment complex with varied floor plans. Employees of companies whose offices are located in the vicinity can check into these flats. Some of these are taken on rent by global professionals who need a home away from home. The studio's location is important. Studios are primarily appealing because they are easy to use on the wallet, because they are used mostly as residential solutions for busy employees, and we see both domestic and global professionals working in India. In most cities studios start from a range of 20 -- 25 lakh but they can go up the price chart depending on how they are furnished. The EMI spends on buying a studio, often as much as one spends on monthly rent. The price is usually dependent on what they have to offer, and buyers get the advantage of multiple amenities while staying in a studio apartment.

Pankaj Pal, AIPL Group Executive Director, says the price of a studio apartment depends on location, size, amenities, services, catchment area and so on. The facilities can be 24 7 reception and concierge desk, housekeeping facility, laundry service, food court, retail shops, entertainment avenues, state-of-the-art gymnasium, swimming pool, spa, and so on, depending on how the project is planned. Energy costs and maintenance are low because of the size of these flats.

It is easy to multi-function from a studio because of the versatility they provide for people living and working in them. Studios are a good option to live and work from, with work from home and hybrid work accepted widely. They serve as great bachelor pads to grow a home-based business. Studios are generally about hassle-free urban living and investing in one early on ensures good returns at a later stage. Studios are always in demand because not too many builders build studios.

Studios are easy to style because it is mostly just one big room. While they do not provide a variety of functional areas, studios can be given easy, frequent makeovers and one can keep renewing their living space.