Bos and Herzegovina's highest-paid job

Bos and Herzegovina's highest-paid job

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, directors earn an average salary of 4,570 marks per month, almost 6.5 times more than cleaners, who are also the least paid, and more than half of employees dissatisfied with their income in relation to their work tasks.

According to the service, the best-paid position in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the general manager, whose average monthly salary is 4,570 marks, followed by country manager, IT architect, leasing director, IT director, sales director, executive director, banking sector, executive director, marketing director, financial manager.

among the top twenty highest paid lawyers in the IT industry are managers and employees in the IT industry, with an average salary of $2,695 per month.

cleaners on the other hand earn the least, with an average monthly salary of 709 marks, followed by tailors, porters, caregivers of the elderly, fabric cutters, tailors, funeral workers services.

The survey by Alma Career, which included Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosnia and Herzegovina, also included Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina feel less undervalued by employers, according to the results of an international survey conducted by the leading group on the market of employment services in 12 countries of Eastern and Central Europe. As many as 55 percent of workers in our country claim their salary is too low, considering work duties, while approximately 27 percent of workers rate the current salary as adequate, which is, reasonable.

According to data from portal and based on the exchange of information with employers, the greatest shortage of workers is in the area of northern Bosnia and Herzegovina.