Sarajevo to co-fininance science research projects from 2023

Sarajevo to co-fininance science research projects from 2023

The Ministry of Science, Higher Education and Youth of the canton of Sarajevo today announced the signing of a contract for the co-financing of scientific research projects and programs from the budget of the canton of Sarajevo for the year 2023.

The contracts were signed by the line minister Pavle Krsti and representatives of the projects and programs for which funds were approved from the budget, based on the public invitation that was announced.

The CS Prime Minister Nihad Uk pointed out that in this year's budget, a record amount of funds was allocated for scientific research activities, in the amount of 4,250,000 BAM, and in line with the principles of the CS Government, the aim is to continually increase budget funds for science, technological development and innovation.

Uk said he got 'the most out of your scientific research projects'.

Krsti emphasized that the approved funds from the budget will be distributed for a total of 452 projects.

He stressed the co-financing of scientific research projects for young scientists, as well as the technical preparation and defense of a doctoral dissertation at the University of Sarajevo.

projects and programs that are of particular importance to CS will be co-financed as well as the introduction of programs/modules/cyclical and non-cyclical programs in foreign languages/digital portals, innovative materials that promote BiH's achievements in science and art.

Co-financing includes costs of publishing scientific articles, the capacity building program for applying to EU research funds, publishing books/monographs, participating in conferences, publishing and indexing journals, organizing conferences.

He added that the government's actions had been aimed at making the economy better.

It's a fairly simplified process, however, and on the other hand, it's well designed and provides enough resources.

It's difficult to have funds if you don't have enough money. What CS provides is very useful and I hope that this kind of support will continue in the future. Our project involves several packages in which four others, apart from me, are involved a colleague from the faculty. We aim to attract students for master's and undergraduate studies in this way, he said. We ensure that they also acquire certain skills and knowledge, he said.