Trump's Immunity Case: Cobb Predicts Resolution This Week

Trump's Immunity Case: Cobb Predicts Resolution This Week

Former White House attorney Ty Cobb predicted that Donald Trump's ongoing legal battle over presidential immunity could be resolved by the end of the week. Cobb expressed skepticism about the Supreme Court taking up Trump's appeal, calling the petition for a stay "pretty weak" and "repetitive."

Cobb suggested that the Supreme Court could decline to hear the case or issue a brief delay to allow Trump to appeal, followed by a denial. He stated, "I think this case could be over this week."

The outcome of Trump's immunity case holds significant implications for the former president's ongoing legal battles. The delay in these cases has raised concerns, and a recent poll reveals a stark contrast in Republican and Democratic views on the fairness of the proceedings against Trump.

Despite facing numerous legal challenges, Trump remains a leading Republican in most election polls for the 2024 presidential election. According to Real Clear Politics, he holds 74.3% support among GOP voters at the national level.