BetStop Register Exceeds Expectations in Tackling Gambling Addiction

BetStop Register Exceeds Expectations in Tackling Gambling Addiction

The BetStop gambling exclusion register, launched in August 2023, has seen significant uptake in its first six months of operation. Over 18,000 individuals have enrolled, primarily Australians aged 40 and under.

This register enables individuals battling gambling addiction to voluntarily exclude themselves from online gambling services for a minimum of three months. Notably, over 16,000 participants have opted to remain on the register beyond this initial period.

Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth, expressed her enthusiasm for the program's success, remarking that it had "exceeded expectations." She noted the high proportion of younger Australians, particularly young men, who engage in online gambling. Hence, the strong response from this age group was anticipated.

Online gambling services are required to cross-check account requests against the BetStop register, resulting in over 8 billion real-time checks. This serves as a safeguard to prevent excluded individuals from accessing these services.

While the government acknowledges the effectiveness of BetStop, it continues to grapple with other measures to combat gambling addiction. Among these is the parliamentary committee's recommendation to implement a ban on gambling advertising within three years. The government is currently reviewing this recommendation and plans to respond in due course.