Apple's Busy Week: Supreme Court Win, Product Updates, and Security Concerns

Apple's Busy Week: Supreme Court Win, Product Updates, and Security Concerns

Apple Inc. has made headlines this week with several significant developments. The most notable was their victory at the U.S. Supreme Court, ending a 14-year legal battle with VirnetX. The court's decision not to hear the patent case免除了Apple 支付 5.028 亿美元赔偿金的义务,此前 VirnetX 于 2020 年获得了该赔偿。此判决维持了下级法院推翻针对 Apple 判决的裁决,并且没有挑战美国专利商标局撤销 VirnetX 专利的决定。

In another news item, Apple issued an advisory regarding wet iPhones. Contrary to popular belief, Apple recommends against using uncooked rice to dry a soaked iPhone. The tech giant also advised against using external heat sources, cotton swabs, or paper towels.

Apple's rumored Apple Pencil upgrade is also generating buzz. A new patent filing suggests the introduction of interchangeable sleeves for the Apple Pencil, potentially offering enhanced controls, sensors, and extended battery life.

Furthermore, Apple has reportedly surpassed Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. in hardware reliability according to tech analyst Jason Snell's annual report card. The report evaluated Apple's performance in multiple categories, drawing insights from industry experts.

However, concerns have arisen regarding security breaches on the Apple App Store. A counterfeit cryptocurrency application masquerading as the Rabby Wallet crypto service gained App Store approval, resulting in users losing thousands of dollars. The authentic Rabby Wallet app from DeBank Global Pte. Ltd. remains under review by the App Store.