Trump's Veepstakes: A Contest of Loyalty

Trump's Veepstakes: A Contest of Loyalty

The 2024 vice presidential race has become a contest of loyalty to Donald Trump. At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, aspiring candidates vied for Trump's favor by praising him effusively.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem criticized Trump's rivals in the Republican primary, questioning their motivations and suggesting they sought personal gain rather than party unity. Representative Elise Stefanik aligned herself closely with Trump, declaring her district "Trump and Elise Country" and emphasizing their shared experience of being underestimated. Florida Representative Byron Donalds likened Trump to sports legends known for their toughness and accountability.

Loyalty has emerged as a paramount factor for Trump in the search for a running mate. His bitter split with former Vice President Mike Pence over the 2020 election results has instilled a deep distrust of those he perceives as disloyal. CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp, a close Trump ally, confirmed that the former president is prioritizing loyalty in key positions, particularly in the vice presidency.

Conference attendees expressed keen interest in the veepstakes, with the annual straw poll serving as a focal point. Trump has not disclosed his preference, but has indicated that he desires a candidate capable of assuming the presidency if necessary.