Ineos Fusilier: Electric Evolution in Off-Roading

Ineos Fusilier: Electric Evolution in Off-Roading

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the visionary behind Ineos Automotive, is leading the charge towards a sustainable future with the introduction of the Fusilier, an all-electric version of the Ineos Grenadier 4x4. As the third vehicle in Ineos' lineup, the Fusilier symbolizes the company's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, offering zero emissions without compromising performance.

Recognizing the diversity of consumer preferences, Ineos plans to unveil a range-extended hybrid variant alongside the all-electric model. This hybrid variation will provide an extended range of approximately 160 miles per charge, equipped with an auxiliary generator to alleviate concerns about range limitations and charging infrastructure availability.

Ratcliffe emphasizes the crucial role of consumer choice in driving innovation within the electric vehicle market. He acknowledges the challenges posed by range anxiety and charging infrastructure, highlighting the need for practical solutions that cater to consumers' preferences and requirements.

Despite the move towards electric propulsion, production of the Fusilier has been postponed until 2027 or later. Manufactured at Magna Steyr's Austrian facility, the Fusilier will join the Grenadier and Quartermaster in Ineos' automotive lineup, with potential production sites being considered in China and the United States.

In response to skepticism regarding the commercial viability of the Grenadier and Fusilier projects, Ratcliffe asserts Ineos Automotive's commitment to profitability. Through the integration of sustainable practices and catering to consumer demands, Ineos aims to establish itself as a formidable player in the automotive industry, simultaneously championing environmental stewardship.