Takamatsu's Mission to Capture Earth from Space

Takamatsu's Mission to Capture Earth from Space

Satoshi Takamatsu, a former advertising executive and current artist, has announced plans to embark on a 30-day stay at the International Space Station (ISS). Takamatsu's goal is to capture stunning photographs and videos of Earth and space, which he hopes will inspire and bring new perspectives to the world.

Takamatsu, now 60 years old, underwent extensive cosmonaut training in Russia in 2015 as a backup for a canceled space mission. This time, he has secured a seat on a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft through Axiom Space Inc. The cost of the mission is undisclosed, but Takamatsu estimates it will exceed the $65 million typically paid for a 10-day stay on the ISS.

Financing the trip requires significant sacrifices. Takamatsu has mortgaged his property and sold his luxury car. He estimates that if he cannot raise the necessary funds by the end of the year, he will forfeit his deposit. Despite the financial risks, Takamatsu is determined to pursue his mission and has pledged to endure the demanding training required for the trip.

Once on the ISS, Takamatsu plans to collaborate with manufacturers to assemble a unique 24K long-format camera that will combine six 8K cameras. With this advanced equipment, he aims to capture exceptional images and videos that will showcase the beauty and fragility of our planet. Takamatsu intends to seek funding from organizations and individuals committed to environmental protection and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).