AI Cameras Trialled to Detect Phone Use and Seatbelt Offenses

AI Cameras Trialled to Detect Phone Use and Seatbelt Offenses

In an effort to enhance road safety, new camera technology is being implemented in Sussex to identify drivers engaging in dangerous practices. These cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), which analyzes footage and detects individuals using mobile phones or failing to wear seatbelts. This information is then forwarded to police for review and potential enforcement.

The cameras are designed to be mounted on vehicles or trailers, allowing them to patrol various locations and automatically detect offenses. They are currently in use by 11 law enforcement agencies, having initially launched as a pilot program in 2021. This initiative aims to address concerns regarding declining driving standards and promote safer road conditions.

However, motoring expert Graham Benge has expressed concerns about the use of these cameras, particularly in terms of their potential to replace traditional policing. He argues that increased traffic patrols have a more effective deterrent effect on driving offenses.

Additionally, Benge has raised concerns about privacy issues and the need for human oversight in the camera system. He questions the reliability of the AI technology, especially in situations where it may be difficult to discern between harmless actions and actual offenses. He believes that the cameras could lead to unnecessary disputes and court cases.

While law enforcement authorities maintain that the technology will encourage safer driving behaviors, the ongoing debate highlights the need for a balanced approach to road safety that prioritizes both innovation and human judgment.