Bulgaria Cracks Down on Undeclared Goods and Corruption at Borders

Bulgaria Cracks Down on Undeclared Goods and Corruption at Borders

The Ministry of Interior in Bulgaria is conducting an operation along the country's borders. This operation involves personnel from various agencies, including the Border Police, the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime, the National Customs Agency, and the National Revenue Agency. The operation is being carried out on the orders of Minister of the Interior Kalin Stoyanov.

The primary objective of the operation is to prevent the passage of undeclared goods across the border. This involves exercising control over the organization of work at border crossings to ensure a normal border-crossing regime. This includes calculating the forces and resources available, rotating employees working in corruption-prone areas, and performing activities at risk of corruption.

As part of the effort to prevent corrupt practices and abuse of official positions, inspectors are conducting secondary interviews with passengers who have passed through customs and border checks. These interviews aim to identify any problems or incidents that may have occurred during the passengers' passage through the country.

The operation comes in the wake of the State Agency for National Security's operation in the National Customs Agency. Caretaker Minister of Finance, Lyudmila Petkova, was questioned in parliament today regarding this operation.

On April 15, German Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser and Bulgaria's Minister of Interior Kalin Stoyanov visited the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint on the Bulgaria-Turkiye border. This visit likely served to discuss ongoing efforts to combat cross-border crime and ensure the security of the border.