American Airlines flight cancellations hit one of the worst days in months

American Airlines flight cancellations hit one of the worst days in months

Flight disruptions rose Friday after airline passengers faced one of the worst days for flight cancellations in the past month, according to FlightAware.

More than 2,800 delayed flights and more than 2,800 cancellations were already in the U.S. at 11: 00 p.m. Friday, according to data from the flight tracking website. FlightAware provides live flight delay and cancellation statistics.

American Airlines is cancelling about 270 flights, more than 7% of its schedule.

Flight cancellations in, out of and across the U.S. rose to 1,248 on Thursday, the second-worst day for cancellations in the last month, according to Kathleen Bangs, FlightAware spokesperson.

The number was slightly down from July 25 — the highest number of cancellations within the last month when 1,303 flights were scrapped.

There were 8,225 delays for flights in, out of, and across the United States, according to the data.

Southwest Southwest spokesman told FOX Business that they were working to get customers to their destinations safely and as quickly as possible.

This comes after a summer of continued flight delays and cancellations across the industry as demand went up to pre-pandemic levels.

During the summer, bad weather can cause air traffic to be snarl, but the industry has been facing significant staffing shortages.

Airlines have been working around the clock to combat these issues, including increasing hiring and training. Alaska promised passengers that they would be back to running a reliable and well-staffed operation by July.

Last month, analysts said that the airline has invested in measures to restore its operational integrity, including earlier boarding procedures and operational buffers.