Asian stock markets rise despite worries about China's economy

 Asian stock markets rise despite worries about China's economy

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia - Stock markets rose in Asia on Tuesday with gains on other world markets overnight.

Asian markets have been generally following Wall Street and continuing the rebound except worries about the Chinese economy's expansion are hurting that market’s performance, Edison Pun, Senior Market Analyst at Saxo Markets told Reuters Tuesday.

The NikkeiNikkei 225 in Japan increased 190.06 points or 0.65 percent to 29,255. The Hang Seng in Hong Kong was ahead more than 350 points in late trading, while China's Shanghai Composite was ahead around 25 points.

The only party pooper was the Australian Securities Exchange. The All Ordinaries inched up a half-point or 0.01 percent to 7,690. The 'U.S. dollar' fell sharply despite softening yields. The Euro to 1.1654 shot up Tuesday evening around the Sydney price of points. The British pound jumped 1.4777 to $1.375. The Japanese yen was slightly higher at 114.11. The Swiss franc was refracted to 0.9205.

The Canadian dollar strengthened to 1.2336. Overnight the Nasdaq Composite rose to 15,021. It climbed 124.47 points or 0.84 percent to night and overnight on Wall Street. The Dow Jones index for the week fell 37,258 points apiece or 0.10 percent to 36.15 points of news media. The Standard and Poor 500 added 15.09 points or 0.34 percent to 4,486.