Bosnia and Herzegovina's Presidency Member Zeljko Komsic says indictment of BiH officials a joke


Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH Presidency Member Zeljko Komsic spoke out about the indictment of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH against members of the Army of the Republic of BiH ARBiH the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RBiH and a member of the Presidency of the RBiH.

The resumption of the process in the Dobrovoljacka case is an attempt to change the dynamics of the armed conflict in BiH through fabricated indictments. By order of the regime in Belgrade and through a corrupt and politically biased judiciary, an attempt is made to nullify Serbian aggression, where the attackers on the RBiH will be portrayed as victims, and the defenders of BiH and Sarajevo as criminals, so it is not surprising that it takes place through alienated parts of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, said Komsic.

He points out that the BiH Prosecutor's Office would not exist today, nor would the judicial careers of many in it if the members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Territorial Defense of RBiH had not defended the state and its institutions on May 3, 1992, and even the right to the existence of such a Prosecutor's Office of BiH.

I consider the initiated procedure a complete joke and shame. According to the position determined by the Hague Tribunal, the Yugoslav People's Army JNA column in Dobrovoljacka Street was a legitimate military target. There is no need for any process for those who acted legally and legitimately in order to defend the state. The Prosecutor's Office of BiH should deal with snipers and other criminals who have killed over eleven thousand citizens of Sarajevo from the hill, Komsic said. writes that the Prosecutor's Office of BiH has filed an indictment against 10 people on suspicion of war crimes in Dobrovoljacka Street in Sarajevo in early May 1992.