C.P. to stop issuing travel advisories

C.P. to stop issuing travel advisories

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will no longer maintain a list of Covid 19 travel advisories for foreign countries, the agency said on Monday. More than 1,400 people around the world are dying every day from the virus, another sign of the gradual shift toward pre-preventive normalcy.

Travel health notices would be issued only for a variant of Covid 19 that would change travel recommendations for a country, as it does with other diseases like monkeypox, polio and yellow fever.

The data reporting about the pandemic was scaled back around the world. C. said it was ending the list of advisories because fewer countries are testing or reporting Covid 19 cases, limiting the agency's ability to assess the risk level for travelers.

C. dropped a do not travel warning that it had in place for about 90 countries and other destinations because of the Covid risk there, saying it would reserve that label for special circumstances.