China launches a long-range satellite that looked like a nuclear weapon

China launches a long-range satellite that looked like a nuclear weapon

This may include adverts from us and 3 rd parties based on our understanding. On Sunday, Xi Jinping's nation launched their new craft, the Shijian 21 satellite, into orbit. Even though Chinese authorities said the object was blasted to test technologies in order to neutralise space debris Washington raised concerns it could be a satellite-crushing weapon.

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp confirmed the launch of their long March 3 B, which took off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre, was a success It is believed the satellite orbited the Earth at high speed before coming down on a target which analysts said: It missed by some 24 miles. Specialists have warned the craft appeared to be similar to a Soviet nuclear system called FOBS from the Cold War era. It was developed, according to experts, to bypass nuclear defences.

President Xi Jinping says China opposes 'all forms of power politics' COMMENT Alarm at Russia-China joint Pacific Ocean patrols REVEAL China fears debt default after poor firm management INSIGHT They also said China should make an all-out push to accelerate modernisation According to Space News, no details of the satellite or its capabilities were made available The outlet said it was coupled with the fact that space debris mitigation technologies are 'dual-use', having both civilian and military applications China has been racing ahead in the