China to implement TCM services in maternal, child care

China to implement TCM services in maternal, child care

In this andated photo, students practice point massage, a traditional Chinese medical care solution, to relieve patients' headache during TCM training in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The program will be part of the Healthy China initiative, according to the implementation plan issued by the National Health Commission and two other departments.

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According to the implementation plan, the implementation plan will focus on eight aspects, including the application of TCM in maternal and child healthcare, elderly care, preventative treatment for chronic diseases, adolescent myopia and obesity, as well as the popularization of TCM knowledge.

A slew of measures have been devised regarding each aspect, with specific goals to achieve over the period.

90 percent of the top-tier maternal and child care institutions will provide TCM services by the year 2025, according to the plan. The TCM-supported health management among children will reach 85 percent and that among people aged 65 and above will rise to 75 percent.