ComfortDelGro to add 5 electric cars to training fleet

ComfortDelGro to add 5 electric cars to training fleet

SINGAPORE: Drivers at the ComfortDelGro Driving Centre will be able to opt for electric vehicles EVs for their Class 3 A Licence Course.

The centre hopes to have 100 electric cars in its training fleet by the year 2030, and will add five electric cars to its training fleet starting June 1, ComfortDelGro said on Tuesday.

The Hyundai Kona Electric standard range, which has a small turning radius and is suitable for the centre s driving circuit, said ComfortDelGro.

There are five alternative charging stations at the premises to charge the EVs, which take about six hours to fully charge.

The EVs will be available to corporate learners for their defensive and familiarisation driving courses, and to Elite Team learners to book via the MyCDC App, ComfortDelGro said.

Learners undergoing EV training can expect slight differences relating to the sensitivity of the accelerator, engine sound, engine brake, turning radius, and maintenance.

The EV training will allow learners to better understand the electronic control buttons that come with the vehicle.