Credible strike on Royal Mail workers could be biggest in Britain

Credible strike on Royal Mail workers could be biggest in Britain

If workers back action, the CWU says it could be the biggest strike by its members. Royal Mail says there isn't a reason for strike action.

The government warned against employers handing out big increases in salaries because of fears of a 1970s style inflationary spiral where firms hike wages and then pass the cost on to customers through higher prices.

Britain's railways were disrupted last week when thousands of RMT Union members walked out and hundreds of British Airways workers at Heathrow Airport voted to go on strike over their wages.

A deal worth up to 5.5% for CWU grade colleagues was offered, the biggest increase we have offered for many years, which was rejected by the CWU, a spokesman said.

She told the BBC's Wake Up to Money programme that any strike action would affect her business, as she would most likely have to use a more expensive courier.

Ms Awa said: I want everyone to get a fair pay, but from a personal view I sympathise, but as a business owner there is a need to sit back and go OK. What is this going to do? Is this a busy period? We are sending out upwards of 100 brownies orders a week because we can be really busy. If that happens and we rely on Royal Mail for that, we go for courier companies, but that usually means higher costs.