Cuomo says lawmakers should bring impeachment proceedings against Cuomo


- Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic candidate for New York City Mayor, said that lawmakers should bring impeachment proceedings against Governor Eric Adams.

The Tuesday statement came less than a month after the New York City president and Cuomo appeared on Monday in Brooklyn at a press conference in the city.

At that July appearance, the two struck a chummy tone and expressed excitement at an opportunity to work together if Adams goes on to win the general election in the overwhelmingly Democratic City. The counsel general’s report backing up allegations that the governor sexually harassed women has complicated that relationship.

"Attorney General James conducted a thorough and revealing investigation that yielded disturbing conclusions about the conduct of Governor Cuomo, Adams said. It is now the duty of New York State Assembly to take swift and appropriate action and move forward with impeachment proceedings if the governor will not resign.

After a surveillance inquiry finds he Sexually Harassed Women that is more vulnerable to Cuomo?

In lieu of Cuomo, who has consistently seemed to be at loggerheads with Bill de Blasio, the governor said earlier that the governor was no longer fit to serve.

Caleb Curtis Sliwa, the Republic nominee for New York City Mayor, said that Cuomo will step down in a statement of his own. 'Cuomo must go, Sliwa said in a statement. He could do us all a big favor by resigning now.