Danish hospitals see record COVID - 19 cases

Danish hospitals see record COVID - 19 cases

COPENHAGEN, Jan 17, Reuters - Denmark registered a record number of coronaviruses on Monday, as cinemas, museums and other cultural institutions were reopened after a month-long COVID 19 lockdown.

The Nordic country had 28,780 new cases in the space of 24 hours and the number of coronaviruses hospitalisations rose to 802, the highest in a year.

Health authorities said earlier this month that the now-predominant Omicron variant was milder than initially thought, and that around 29% of those in hospital were there due to reasons other than COVID - 19.

Since reaching a peak of 82 on January 6, the number of COVID 19 patients in intensive care has fallen steadily to 52 on Monday.

As a result of the decision by lawmakers last week to allow limited spectators at indoor and outdoor sports events, the restrictions were reduced, including reopening theatres, cinemas, museums, entertainment parks and botanic gardens. Denmark has a high support for COVID-19 vaccination, with four out of five having received two jabs and just over half of the population having three jabs.