Ericsson files new patent lawsuits against Apple

Ericsson files new patent lawsuits against Apple

STOCKHOLM, Jan 18, Reuters -- Sweden's Ericsson ERICb. ST has filed another set of patent infringement lawsuits against Apple in 2788. In the latest salvo, the two companies have been talking about royalty payment for use of 5 G wireless patents in iPhones.

Both companies have been sued in the United States over the renewal of a seven-year licensing contract for telecom patents first struck in 2015 despite the fact that they had already sued each other.

Ericsson sued Apple in October, claiming that the company was trying to cut down the royalty rates, while the iPhone maker filed a lawsuit in December accusing the Swedish company of using strong-arm tactics to renew patents.

Since the previous agreement has expired and we have not been able to reach an agreement on the terms and scope of a new license, Apple is now using our technology without a license, an Ericsson spokesman said.

Apple didn't respond immediately to a request for a comment.

Patent lawsuits are common among technology companies as each dollar saved could amount to significant amounts over the duration of the agreement, as companies such as Ericsson charge between $2 and $5 for every 5 G handset.

Swedish company invests about $5 billion every year in research, has a portfolio of more than 57,000 patents and royalties from its patent portfolio account for about a third of its operating profit.

In the last year, Ericsson settled patent lawsuits with Samsung 005930. KS had to deal with court battles that temporarily hit its quarterly earnings. Pending dues are usually cleared after a settlement is reached.