Exxon to shut down BP BP BP refinery in Texas

Exxon to shut down BP BP BP refinery in Texas

A logo of Exxon Mobil Corp is seen in the September 24th Rio Oil and Gas Expo and Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. HOUSTON, Jan 14, Reuters -- Exxon Mobil Corp XOM.N plans to shut down the second-largest crude distillation unit CDU at its 560,500 barrel-per- day Baytown, Texas refinery by late next week, sources familiar with plant operations said on Friday.

The sources said that the 135,000 barrels per day Pipestill 7 CDU is being shut down for a planned overhaul.

An Exxon spokeswoman was not available to comment on Friday night.

The Baytown refinery, Exxon's largest in the United States and fourth largest in the nation, continues to operate at reduced production levels after a Dec. 23 explosion that forced the shutdown of the 70,000-bpd HDS-1 hydrotreater.

The products normally sent to HDS - 1 for removal of sulfur content in compliance with U.S. environmental rules have been routed to several smaller hydrotreaters, the sources said.

The sources didn't know how much production is going to be reduced.