Granholm holds secret meeting with oil industry

Granholm holds secret meeting with oil industry

On Thursday, U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm held a closed-door meeting with oil industry leaders to discuss ways to combat record high fuel prices and expand refineries.

The meeting came after weeks of rising tensions between oil companies and President Biden, who accused the former of profiting from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Granholm's office reminded the participants that they must deliver solutions to ensure secure, affordable supply, because their customers, workers and communities are feeling the pain because of Putin's price hike, according to the office. The group discussed their efforts to keep existing operations safe online and the need to invest into current and future technologies.

The Energy Department said that officials will work with industry to strengthen the country's energy security for the long haul and that they hope the meeting will be part of an ongoing dialogue for more effective collaboration. The meeting may have been more constructive than the hostility exhibited by President Biden in recent weeks, but it didn't produce a major breakthrough.

A source who spoke to the meeting said that the participants discussed suspending the Jones Act, which requires shipping between U.S. ports to be done on American-made ships and American crews.

There was no discussion by Secretary Granholm about possible new oil leases or helping approve pipeline projects.

The American Petroleum Institute and the American Fuel Petrochemical Manufacturers said in a joint statement that the U.S. is committed to long-term investment in a strong U.S. refining industry and aligning policies to reflect that commitment. The groups said that our industry will continue to work with policymakers to unlock American energy, fuel economic recovery and strengthen national security.