Moldovan President warns of further violence in Transnistria

Moldovan President warns of further violence in Transnistria

Moldova's Maia Sandu leaves the Action and Solidarity Party office in Chisinau early on November 16, 2020, following her victory in the second round of the country's presidential election. SERGEI GAPON AFP BUCHAREST Moldovan President Maia Sandu warned on Tuesday that the recent explosions in the country's breakaway Transnistria region could endanger peace within the country.

After a special meeting of the country's Supreme Security Council, Sandu said that there were tensions between different forces within the region that are interested in destabilizing the situation. He noted that this makes the region vulnerable and poses risks to the region.

Sandu said that the government continues to insist on a peaceful settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, and condemns any provocations and attempts to involve Moldova into actions that could threaten peace in the country. ALSO READ: Moldovans elect a new parliament amid concerns over corruption reforms.

According to media reports from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, unknown attackers fired grenade launchers at the headquarters of the Ministry of State Security in the Transnistrian region late on Monday.

Two more explosions were reported early on Tuesday at the Transnistrian radio and television center, damaging two radio antennas that broadcast Russian radio in the region, all without casualties.

Russian President Dmitry Peskov, the Press Secretary of State, expressed concern about the situation in Transnistria and told reporters that we are very closely watching how the situation develops there. Eric Mamer, chief spokesperson of the European Commission, said in Brussels that the European Union is following the situation in Transnistria with concern and calls for an end to any violent acts. READ MORE: Maia Sandu was sworn in as Moldova's first female president.