New report recommends safety of seconded police

New report recommends safety of seconded police

A report from the Commission of Inquiry on the Crime and Corruption Commission, handed to the Queensland government today, also recommends that the CCC reduce its reliance on police officers as staff.

It identified two key risks associated with the employment of seconded police in the CCC.

The inquiry was co-chaired by retired Supreme Court justice Alan Wilson QC and Tony Fitzgerald, best known for leading the Fitzgerald inquiry, which uncovered systemic corruption in Queensland 35 years ago.

The inquiry was commissioned as a result of a recommendation from a Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee to investigate the investigation and decision to charge eight Logan City councillors with fraud in 2019.

The charges were dropped in court due to a lack of evidence, and today's report found that those events adversely affected Queenslanders' perceptions of the CCC.

The original Fitzgerald Inquiry recommendations led to the creation of the Criminal Justice Commission, the precursor of the CCC.

The new inquiry made 32 recommendations about the CCC's structure and operation that must be implemented collectively to boost public confidence.

The recommendations were very sensible on the face of them, but there is nothing I can't see our government implementing, she said.

The CCC has previously been subject to administrative reviews including the 1996 Connolly Ryan inquiry into the CJC's operations and another by the former Australia Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty at the behest of then-Queensland premier Campbell Newman in 2013.